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                Welcome to Wuxi Yien Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd!

                WELCOMECustomize according to your request



                Precision machinery/manufacturing/production/service

                Whole industrial chain service

                Production, sales, full service service

                Relying on its own research and development strength, it actively produces various kinds of precision mechanical products, making the products more widely serve many industries.


                Customized products

                According to the different needs of customers to produce products

                Strengthen the management of quality system and market access system to provide customers with products that meet the requirements of different countries and market access standards and regulations。

                定制 高质保量、定制生产

                High quality production

                [high efficiency] + [high quality] + [specific precision mechanical products]

                Committed to providing innovative, quality products and comprehensive solutions to achieve enterprise transformation and upgrading and high-quality development.

                Service process


                • consulting

                • plan

                • determine

                • production

                • logistics

                • after-sales

                • return visit


                To the world of us

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